averages, averaging, averaged
1) N-COUNT An average is the result that you get when you add two or more numbers together and divide the total by the number of numbers you added together.

Take the average of those ratios and multiply by a hundred.

Average is also an adjective.

The average price of goods rose by just 2.2%... Of America's million millionaires in 1985, the average age was 63.

2) N-SING: a N of amount You use average to refer to a number or size that varies but is always approximately the same.

It takes an average of ten weeks for a house sale to be completed.

3) ADJ: ADJ n An average person or thing is typical or normal.

The average adult man burns 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day...

Packaging is about a third of what is found in an average British dustbin.

4) N-SING: the N An amount or quality that is the average is the normal amount or quality for a particular group of things or people.

35% of staff time was being spent on repeating work, about the average for a service industry.

Average is also an adjective.

₤2.20 for a beer is average. ...a woman of average height.

5) ADJ-GRADED Something that is average is neither very good nor very bad, usually when you had hoped it would be better.

I was only average academically.

Derived words:
averagely ADV ADV adj/adv, ADV after v

Most children are not geniuses or stars. They just do averagely well...

The songs are performed averagely, although the band seem to be enjoying themselves.

6) VERB To average a particular amount means to do, get, or produce that amount as an average over a period of time.

[V n] We averaged 42 miles per hour.

[V n] ...pay increases averaging 9.75%.

7) PHRASE: PHR with cl You say on average or on an average to indicate that a number is the average of several numbers.

American shares rose, on average, by 38%...

On an average we would be spending ₤200 per day.

8) PHRASE: PHR with cl If you say that something is true on average, you mean that it is generally true.

On average, American firms remain the most productive in the world.

9) law of averagessee law
Phrasal Verbs:

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